Joint Supplements for Dogs

Joint supplements for dogs, and other animals, are treated very differently from joint supplements for humans. Congress passed legislation in the 1990’s creating a dietary supplement category. However, the regulators declared that the legislation was for humans only and did not apply to animals. Many of the ingredients normally found in joint supplements for dogs, […]

Horse Hoof Problems

A horse is nothing without its hooves, and serious hoof problems may lead to a premature end to your beloved companion and friend. A variety of different problems can plague a horse’s hooves. Some of these conditions are minor, but others can be very serious and require expensive veterinary care. However, many hoof issues can […]

Fourflex Equine Joint Supplements

Fourflex manufactures a high-quality equine joint supplement that is designed to keep horses’ joints healthy as they age. Reasons To Give an Equine Joint Supplement Joint health plays a major role in the mobility of horses. Equine joint supplements offer targeted nutrients that are specifically chosen to keep the joints strong. The nutrients found in […]